Dr. Sutton is a native of southeastern North Carolina, having been born and raised in Pender County, just outside of Wilmington.  After staying in North Carolina to complete her undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University, Dr. Sutton traveled to the west coast and back to complete her doctoral work.  After completing a postdoctoral fellowship in Wilmington with Antonio E. Puente, PhD, Dr. Sutton opened Tidal Neuropsychology in late 2014.  Dr. Sutton lives in Hampstead, North Carolina with her husband and children and is thrilled to be working in the community where she lives, and in the county where she was raised.

Dr. Sutton is a trained as a neuropsychologist specifically and as a clinical psychologist in general.  Areas of practice include assessments with individuals ages six through end of life, including Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disorders in childhood, Traumatic Brain Injuries, all types of Dementia, and just about everything in between.  Dr. Sutton also specializes in helping individuals with neuropsychological disorders and their families cope with and adjust to the disorders themselves.

Tidal Neuropsychology PLLC was founded by Dr. Sutton in 2014.  Dr. Sutton is the founding member of and sole practitioner at Tidal Neuropsychology, and she formed the practice with the goal of providing neuropsychological and psychological services to patients in southeastern North Carolina and beyond.

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