Evaluations for intellectual disabilities include evaluations for what was previously known as mental retardation (MR).  Intellectual disabilities and/or delays may be due to any of a number of reasons and do not always indicate global levels of impairment across all neurocognitive domains.  Such evaluations will not only include a measurement of one’s intellectual quotient (IQ) but will also include measurement of other neurocognitive domains in order to establish whether a pattern of relative strengths and weaknesses may be identified.

 A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation in such cases will help to determine:

  • Whether any significant impairments in intellectual functioning are present

  • How severe any such impairments may be

  • Whether an individual meets diagnostic criteria for an intellectual disability (intellectual developmental disorder

  • What interventions and accommodations may be implemented in the home, academic, and/or occupational setting in order to attempt to achieve maximum functioning in one’s day-to-day life

All services are provided directly by Dr. Sutton.

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Evaluations for Intellectual Disabilities and Delays