Healthy aging evaluations – also known as pre-dementia evaluations – are a new service being offered by Dr. Sutton.  These evaluations are ideal for individuals who are interested in learning more about how they are progressing through the aging process and what lifestyle changes they can make that may help to maximize their cognitive functioning moving forward.

Evaluations include screening measures designed to identify one’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  Results will include a discussion of:

  • One's cognitive strengths and weaknesses

  • How one’s pattern of strengths and weaknesses may be best used in their favor as they continue through the aging process

  • How changes (even small changes) in one’s lifestyle may help to boost cognitive functioning as one continues through the aging process

This will include provision of a “healthy aging handbook” with valuable information to be reviewed at one’s leisure and resources for further reading and exploration should the patient be interested.  The handbook will be personalized according to the patient’s strengths and weaknesses and will include results from the cognitive screening that may be used as baseline measures should one experience possible cognitive symptoms moving forward – and thus used as a comparison should one participate in a neuropsychological evaluation in the future (whether with Dr. Sutton or with another provider).

All services are provided directly by Dr. Sutton.

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